How to Signup to a Google Groups Mailing List

Posted on Dysfunctional Programming 2019-05-26

If you want to join a mailing list provided by Google Groups and just happen to land on the Google Groups page, it will force you to either login to your Google account, or if already logged in, to signup with the email associated with your Google account. If you want to use any other email address however, it seems like you can’t. There is no information anywhere in Google Groups itself that seems to suggest you can do this.

I personally have a separate email address for open source related topics and a project’s mailing list is often the best way to keep abreast of the latest developments. Luckily it’s very easy to do if you know how.

First send a blank email to {group name} You’ll receive a response that looks like the following:

Email Response Example

…but don’t click the button, you’ll arrive at the Google Group again and nothing will have changed, it will still prompt you to confirm with your Google account.

Just reply to the email (which sends it to {group name} You’ll receive a further email stating you have successfully joined the group.

That’s it. To unsubscribe, it’s the exact same process but the initial email needs to be sent to {group name} and the response will be sent to {group name}