Rory Bradford
Remote Software Developer

About me

I am passionate about free and open-source software, having programmed for 15 years in numerous technologies, constantly learning new skills and exploring how things work.

I am currently looking for a senior full stack developer role in a technology startup working remotely. I am a British citizen living in Portugal.

In my previous role, I joined a VC backed startup based in London as the 4th employee and first full time developer. I was responsible for building the entire application from scratch in a MEAN architecture, hosted on AWS. We subsequently migrated to Azure with the support of the Azure team at Microsoft when we joined Microsoft Accelerator. As the lead architect I worked with 4 junior developers to build an enterprise grade application using React.js, Node.js and MongoDB. The application also integrated into Auth0 for SSO, a 2-way calendar sync, Mandrill, and Zapier.

Other projects include an Android app Pin Note which is published on Google Play. I have contributed to the open source community particularly for the Node.js platform including a number of contributions to Node.js core itself.

I have experience in many different development technologies and tools, including JavaScript in the browser (Angular.js 1.x, React.js, jQuery), Perl, Lua, Python, Java (Android), C, Docker, Ansible, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Nginx, Bash, Linux, Cloud (AWS, Azure), and others. Check out my GitHub profile for more information on my projects.

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Work history more...

Lead Technical Architect
Pinipa (2014 - 2017)




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